Exploration Services

Resource Estimation 

JUMCO Team is composed of experienced staff members who acquired valuable knowledge allowing them to provide a high-quality resource estimation model, practical advice, and consulting services to make a dependable commercial decision by following international codes of reporting such as the Australian JORC2012 code or the Canadian NI 43-101 code.

Our services also include independent technical review of exploration works and resource estimation reports, JUMCO staff is experienced in all stages of the exploration, Geological modeling, and resource estimation and provides a well-informed assessment of the several topics related to the interpretation, Top Cut approach, estimation methodology, and classification.

Database Design and Management  

Data management and validation services for the different stages of the projects is a must for all exploration projects, in addition to the development of the project requirements and ensuring the data quality is meeting the reporting guidelines implementing several redundancy measures to reduce data entry errors and the use of the geostatistical tools to uncover data bias and determine the source of the bias.

Automation and machine learning are also an option when dealing with big data with the ability to create custom programs for data extraction, data loading, or routine work automation.

Wireline Logging

Exploration and mining work worldwide rely on the use of geophysical logging tools to provide vital data to be used in the implementation or interpretation of geological modeling or some cases in the Resource estimation.

      JUMCO provides a variety of well-logging services using advanced instrumentation and several log types (Natural Gamma, well deviation, borehole caliper, Dual induction…etc) Our logging systems with the stackable sonds provides the added value of reduction of logging trips to be made and the ability to run useful probes combination as a single tools string.

The main Logging Unit Used by JUMCO is a logging trailer used for the deep boreholes logging and a mobile 4WD Unit used for the exploration of shallow boreholes and the rough terrain areas and shallow boreholes where the mobilization time is required to be as short as possible.

Geological and Geophysical Survey

JUMCO Team is well experienced in the category of Geological survey activities and the production of highly accurate thematic maps and geological models and offer the services of the geological survey in the forms of:

  • Detailed to regional-scale geological mapping services.

  • Structural Geology studies including core and surface exposures.

  • 3D Geological Modeling.

  • Data-Driven Targeting.

  • Geophysical Survey design, data acquisition, and interpretation for detailed to regional scale (Car-borne radiation survey, Foot-borne radiation survey).

  • Exploration Trenches Studies

  • Boreholes Exploration studies.

  • Density Measurement.

  • Grain-size analysis.

  • Bulk Sampling.

GIS and Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is one of the main tools for refining the targets of the exploration operation, defining control over the mineralization area, and delineating prospective sequences and structures. JUMCO provides the services of developing a conceptual model to identify and improve the understanding of the mineral target by interpreting remotely sensed data and structural geological understanding, integrating these several data sources leads to the identification of the geological process and the assessment of the possibility of ore deposit accumulation.

Remote sensing studies for the environmental aspect is another service provided by JUMCO such as the land cover analysis of the exploration area both historically and progress throughout the different stages of the project where the project development through time can be monitored and reported.

Several types of reports could be generated as per client requirements such as thematic maps in JPG Format or thematic shapefiles or GIS maps and models that could be updated over time.

Land Survey

JUMCO offers various services related to the land survey with the highest accuracy levels, the survey works are divided into categories depending on the nature of the required results, accuracy level or the instrument used.

For instance, the level instrument services are provided when the relative elevation differences are required like the case of profiling sampling stations for a trench profile, while the electronic theodolite services are provided to establish a None-Earth coordinate system for a small area of interest providing X, Y, Z coordinates and establishing benchmarks and reference points.

For project scale survey activities, the device of choice for JUMCO is the Deffierntial GPS device for its high accuracy and speed in coordinates measurement and topographic survey, the use of the D-GPS system also enables the collected data to be linked the national or global coordinates system

Exploration Services

The professional execution of the exploration program and the collection of reliable samples are a must to produce an accurate resource estimate, therefore JUMCO provides the exploration services to carefully design the exploration programs in a systematic way that is adequate for the type of mineralization targeted and designing the sampling program to minimize the chances of sample collection bais, unrepresentative or contaminated samples. The sampling procedure will be tailored to the mineralization target conditions and requirements.

Our exploration services include a variety of measures that can increase the effectiveness of the exploration effort including the Implementation of QAQC processes to increase the effectiveness of the sampling program by defining the adequate drilling type, data logging, sampling, and assaying standard operating procedures. Our exploration services include but are not limited to:

  • Drilling and sampling program supervision.

  • Development of sample handling procedure, including sample homogenization and splitting procedures.

  • Optimization of sampling properties ( Weight, Dimensions, length) specific to the mineralization style.

  • Onsite supervision of drilling and sampling program.

  • QAQC duplicates procedure development and implementation.

Exploration Project Auditing           

     One of the essentials of producing a resource estimation report for potential investors is an impartial independent audit of the project, JUMCO offers the technical review for the resource estimation reports based on internationally developed guidelines addressing issues such as transparency and competence, such reviews are done by a Competent Person (CP) and Qualified Person (QP) in terms of the National Instrument (NI) 43-101 and JORC Guidelines.​​​​​​​.