• Uranium Extraction

Uranium Extraction

The extraction Directorate at Jordan Uranium Mining Company took wide steps toward the production of yellowcake from Jordanian ore deposits. Intensive laboratory-scale (few grams – 50 kg ore) investigations were conducted with the aim of process selection that meets the challenges of central Jordan uranium deposits. The small scale results were reflected on a larger scale semi pilot scale (750 kg ore). The goal is to find the scale-up parameters that maximize uranium recovery at the lowest process cost. Eventually, a pilot-scale plant (200 tons ore) is being commissioned to evaluate the operational parameters along with the feasibility of the uranium leaching process from the Central Jordan Uranium Project (CJUP). After finalizing this stage, a heap leaching process will be In addition to the leaching activities, capacity building was the main focus of the extraction directorate. engineers from different disciplines, technicians, and logistic support were progressively trained to operate and maintain all plant sections and parts, and to develop innovative processes and solutions to meet the demands of sustainable leaching process and using Jordanian available resources.