The “Jordanian Engineers Association ” and the “Jordan Uranium Mining Company” sign an agreement to

The Jordanian Engineers Association and the Jordanian Uranium Mining Company an agreement to train newly graduated engineers, where the agreement was signed by the General Manager of the company, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shannaq, and the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate, Eng. Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, in the presence of Dr. Bashar Al-Tarawneh, member of the Syndicate Council, and the Secretary General of the Syndicate, Engineer Ali Nasser. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Dr. Khaled Toukan, said in a press statement after the signing of the agreement, that the agreement came as a translation of the royal directives to take care of Jordanian youth to face economic challenges and transfer expertise to them, as this is a direct reflection on achieving sustainable development in the field of mining industry for the precious elements that The Kingdom abounds in it, pointing out the importance of investing in building local expertise in the exploration and mining of uranium ores and rare earth elements that are rich in the lands of the south of the Kingdom. or his part, Director General of the Uranium Mining Company, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shannaq, stressed that the uranium mining project is one of the industries that provides an appropriate opportunity to build national technical expertise in various scientific and engineering fields that would raise the technical level of local industries and leave a tangible positive impact on the economic and social axis. In his turn, the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate, Eng. Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, stressed the importance of establishing and building the Jordanian engineer and training him, indicating that the plan of the Syndicate Council is to create different training opportunities for fellow engineers in a way that contributes to raising their competencies and developing their capabilities to enable them to enter the labor market and compete on all frameworks. He praised the cooperation relations between the Syndicate Council and the Uranium Mining Company, pointing out that the company always provides its expertise and continuous support to civil society institutions in general and the Engineers Syndicate in particular. This agreement comes within the framework of the association’s interest in training and qualifying engineers for the Jordanian labor market and serving the country with institutions related to various engineering specialties.