The conclusion of a workshop on Norm industries and the risks associated with them.

Amman, June 17 (Petra)--The "Norm" industries workshop and its associated risks and waste, which was hosted by the Jordanian Uranium Mining Company in cooperation with the Arab Atomic Energy Commission, concluded. The general manager of the company, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shennaq, said in a statement today, Saturday, that Norm is an important material, containing radionuclides and naturally occurring in natural radioactive materials, and its origin is the natural radioactivity chains of uranium-238 and -235 and thorium-232 in addition to potassium-40. Al-Shennaq added that several industries depend on radioactive natural ores, some of which lead to an increase in the concentration of radioactive materials and an increase in the possibility of exposure and the risks associated with them, which demonstrated the need for control considerations. And he indicated that these industries generate large quantities of waste with different levels and radioactive concentrations, pointing to the need to identify methods of safe disposal and final disposal so that they do not pose a radioactive danger to the environment and human health and safety. He pointed out that the workshop, which lasted for 5 days, was attended by 20 researchers from research and industrial bodies and centers, and experts from the Atomic Energy Commission, the Energy and Mineral Sector Regulatory Authority, and the Uranium Mining Company, indicating that it aimed to exchange experiences and knowledge between Arab countries in dealing with Norm industries and their risks, and to learn On the prevention and safety measures and regulatory requirements, and the management, treatment and storage of radioactive waste generated therefrom. The workshop axes included a brief about Norm and its basic concepts, global industries that depend on it, the regulatory and legislative framework, potential risks associated with its industries, radiation protection in these practices, monitoring, control and environmental releases, exposure to radon gas, environmental impact assessment, and management of Norm residues. In turn, the representative of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency, Dr. Khaled Zahraman, praised Jordan's continuous role in hosting seminars, workshops and specialized training courses in the field of nuclear energy and its peaceful applications, and nuclear security and safety. The participants visited the facilities of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission and the field site of the Jordanian Uranium Mining Company.